A portrait of remembrance

segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011.
I had so tacit and mine alone and lost
Memories are so loose in my head
I was here beside me and wasted opportunity
Now ... What's left is a photo erased weathered
Lost amid the drawer of moths from my own thinking

They are and I can no longer knees hurt from the long walk
I'll sit and rest before hitting the road again
Blurred picture no longer represents what you are to me
Nor do I know who I am to myself maybe just maybe
My time on the road just go away home

Maybe you're there waiting for me with a smile
That day we met along gentle
Or is it a blurred picture of my thinking?
Delusions of a time and not have to lose you again
I am a sucker and do not deny, picture and only he and you still hope


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